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Touch screen Sales Center app

3D view of entire project

With our application you can see the whole project with the surroundings. Present the advantages of your project in an interactive way!

Interactive CRM integrated search engine

The application has an integrated 3D and 2D search engine connected to CRM. You can find your dream apartment in a fast and interactive way.

3D view of each apartment

We will prepare every flat in 3D!. What's more for each project you can choose a different style of furniture. You have up to 10 to choose from!

View from the balcony

You can check the view from every apartment!.
What's more, you can change time of a day on the balcony: morning, noon, evening and night.

Changing time of the day

You can change time of the day and check the sun's movement around your project.

CRM integrated lead generation

The application will automatically prepare an offer for your client. The offer will be sent to the email address and will go to your CRM.

Gallery module

Movies, photos, visualisations in one place

Compare module

Compare up to 12 apartments

Open street maps integration

Check interesting places in neighborhood.

Printing module

Print 2D plans of every apartment.

Where to use it?

One application, multiple uses

Sales offices

We make your salespersons' lives easy.

Sales offices

We make your salespersons’ lives easy.


Innovation that attracts customers.


Your stand at the fair will become the most visited place thanks to our 3D presenter, which realistically illustrates the project.


Essential application for carrying out conferences.


It saves you time thanks to its capabilities and its functionality will allow you to conduct effective business talks.

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