Bouygues Immobilier

One of the largest developers in Poland. The client has decided that all new projects will have an interactive 3D presenter. Thanks to this, an application collecting all projects in one place was created.

Made applications

  • Atelier Praga
  • Morelowa
  • Épique
  • Camélia
  • Linde Résidence
  • Villa Bohème
  • Icône
  • La Melodie
  • Jagiełły 6
  • Belleville
  • Villa Alouette
  • Enclave
  • Wileńska Express


completed projects


apartments sold through the application


Usual time needed to create one project

20 residential projects

Bouygues Immobilier have decided that apartments sale for each project will be carried out using the 3D Presenter. As a result, on average once every 3 weeks, we provide sellers with another modelled housing estate.