3D sales app isn’t enough for you?

Try our web sales solutions and be everywhere!

3D web interactive search engine

3D view of each apartment

walk around the apartment

Discover our 3D web interactive search engine

Investments have never been presented so realistically and immersive.

Free rotation of the building

Our web module is so lightweight and efficient that the user feels like it is an interactive video. Its implementation is just three lines of code. Your customers will be able to view it on any device.

Search engine for apartments directly on the building

With one click, the user can select the apartment of interest and go to its details. Viewing multiple flats is now a pleasure.

Preview of the investment area

The property is also a location, and We show it beautifully. Furthermore, we reflect on the surroundings based on maps, which is a faithful representation of reality.

Interactive compass

"What side of the world is it?" One of the most common customer questions when buying a property. An interactive compass is another advantage over paper.

Smooth and ultra-fast on any device

The technology in which we created the application allows for quick and trouble-free operation on mobile devices.

Available in any language

We operate in many markets. Therefore the application is available in 8 languages versions.

Optimal cost

We can reduce the cost of our web tool by using a 3D model of the investment created for the needs of a stationary 3D Application.

Simple implementation

The implementation is straightforward. We send a link to the iframe, which you just need to paste on the webpage.

We can offer you even more

See solutions that can take your investment to an even higher level

3D view of each apartment

  • Free rotation of the apartment
  • Interactive compass
  • Available on any device

360° walk around the apartment

From now on, no one has to imagine anything. Your customers can "move in" to the apartment before it is even built.